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What does an orthodontist do?

Orthodontists aim to prevent misaligned teeth and correct teeth that have already become misaligned. Orthodontists also correct alignment issues with the jaw. Teeth and jaw alignment issues can cause a wide range of issues for those who have them, such as speech defects, difficulties eating, even jaw pain and poor oral hygiene.Orthodontics at Kenneth S. Gluski, D.D.S, Family Dentistry and OrthodonticsIssues that orthodontists successfully treat include:

  • Overcrowding is one of the most common alignment issues that orthodontists treat. When there is not enough room in the jaw for the teeth that must come in, orthodontists can make room by carefully repositioning teeth.
  • Aesthetic Issues often arise due to the poor alignment of teeth and the jaw. When the shape or appearance of the face is affected by poor occlusion or bad bite it can cause some self esteem issues. Our goal is to give you a beautiful smile that you can be proud of!
  • Anteroposterior Deviations such as overbite, underbite, and crossbite can greatly affect someone's quality of life by causing difficulty in chewing and even pain. These are extremely common issues.

How do orthodontists realign teeth and jaws?

The first step to the treatment of orthodontic issues is to conduct a thorough examination of the jaw and teeth. Using panoramic X-rays and dental impressions we can begin to build a treatment plan. We will make sure that the patient fully understands the treatment plan and the timeline estimates before beginning treatment. At Kenneth S. Gluski, D.D.S, Family Dentistry and Orthodontics you can choose from traditional, removable appliances, and ClearCorrect™ invisible aligners. You are never too old for teeth straightening.

Kenneth S. Gluski, D.D.S, Family Dentistry and Orthodontics
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